ACS Summer Institute seminars

Preliminary list of seminars that will be organized during the ACS Summer Institute 2011

A cross-field dialogue between Cultural Studies and Film Studies

Few products of contemporary visual culture can be said to have the social impact of narrative cinema. Based as this medium is on the production/construction of imaged stories aimed at attracting ever-wider and more heterogeneous audiences... (Read more)

Seminar by Chantal Cornut-Gentille D'Arcy & Juan Tarrancón de Francisco

Casted for Life?

Everybody knows that "casted" candidates in talent shows have a hard time shedding the limited, prefabricated images - and audience expectations - raised by such tightly structured "reality" shows... (Read more)

Seminar by Ursula Ganz-Blättler

Caught! Audience research as a troublesome practice.

In the mid 1980s there was a widely shared optimism about audience research in cultural studies. It was suggested that 'making contact' with users of popular culture was enough to gain access to processes of meaning making.... (Read more)

Seminar by Joke Hermes

Critical practice and the future of cultural studies

Cultural studies has long touted itself as a "critical" intellectual practice. But however much the field may identify itself as such, more often than not the concept of critique has remained ill defined... (Read more)

Seminar by Ted Striphas

Critically Realigning Literacy's Intellectual Properties: Examples and Exemplars

The seminar, following up on the lecture, will give participants a chance to work through and share different approaches to a digital rethinking of literacy's intellectual properties in economic, legal, and moral senses... (Read more)

Seminar by John Willinsky

(Cross)cultural literacy and (trans)national literatures

This seminar will focus on the effects of globalization on cultural literacy. What role do national or nationalistic considerations play in the formation of literacy, now that culture and literature are increasingly approached from a transnational perspective... (Read more)

Seminar by Thomas Vaessens & Gaston Franssen

Cultural Studies and Disability Literacies: A Dramatistic-Narrative Perspective

Critical disability studies is a recently emerging interdisciplinary academic field in which 'impairment' and 'disability' are related to the dynamic interplay between various aspects of contemporary culture, politics and society... (Read more)

Seminar by Griet Roets & Kris Rutten

Diversity Literacy and the End(s) of Multiculturalism

How are we to make meaning of and articulate identity and belonging within the cacophony of discourses that are in play internationally around "diversity?" The term diversity probably needs quotation marks around it these days... (Read more)

Seminar by Handel Kashope Wright

How to Survive Higher Degree Studies

The basic language of academia: Town, gown and a Latin drinking song
How Not to get a higher degree
Psychological aspects of higher degrees... (Read more)

Seminar by Keyan Tomaselli

Is there (still) an ethnographic turn in contemporary arts?

Hal Foster introduced the concept "Ethnographic turn of contemporary art" in a seminal article entitled: "The Artist as Ethnographer?" (Foster 1995). Since the 90s a challenging wave of art events did occur... (Read more)

Seminar by An van. Dienderen & Kris Rutten

Literary Citizens and Consumers

This seminar looks at the changing relations between economy, politics and culture and their effects on reading. Readers are often seen as solitary figures alone with what they read... (Read more)

Seminar by Mikko Lehtonen

"New" Media Technologies

It has become something of a cliché to claim that the world has been "revolutionized" by the broad and eclectic range of "new" communication technologies that includes the Internet, laptop computers, TiVo, iPods, Blackberries, and the like... (Read more)

Seminar by Gilbert Rodman

Nose to Nose: Insights to the Culture of Arabia

This is an interactive workshop where the facilitator will shed some lights on the Arabian Gulf culture in specific and the Middle East in general... (Read more)

Seminar by Abdulhamied Alromaithy

Persisting Inequalities: Gamification and Education

Economists like Edward Castranova to game designers and academics like Jane McGonigal and Mary Flanders have been proposing that games are the panacea to a wide range of educational woes... (Read more)

Seminar by Carol Stabile

Reading and Writing 101

Mourning the decay of critical literacy has almost become a habitual ritual amongst scholars in the humanities. "No-one reads books anymore," is a too-often heard complaint... (Read more)

Seminar by Jan Hein Hoogstad

De Schaarbeekse Taal / La Langue Schaerbeekoise

The three year project 'De Schaarbeekse Taal' collects words that have a special relationship with the Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek and its inhabitants.... (Read more)

Seminar by Peter Westenberg & Femke Snelting

Scripted Reading

Constant is a Brussels based association for Arts and Media with a strong interest in the practice of authoring and publishing. Informed by search-algorithms, collaborative practice and programming culture, we experiment with text as data. (Read more)

Seminar by Femke Snelting & Peter Westenberg

Urbanism and the Bakhtinian Chronotope - Towards a Cultural Narratology

Theories and histories of architecture and urbanism tend to deal with the eventual designs or realizations of buildings, rather than with the generative process preceding these... (Read more)

Seminar by Bart Keunen & Sofie Verraest

What Is Cultural Studies Anyway?

From the very beginning (regardless of where one believes that to have been), the range of work done in the name of cultural studies has been too diverse to allow for simple and straightforward definitions of the enterprise... (Read more)

Seminar by Gilbert Rodman

What Time's Got to Do With It. Storytelling and Popular Culture

From a structuralist viewpoint the activity of storytelling is explained as a way of organizing the world - AS IT IS - according to paradigmatically and syntagmatically structured sign relations... (Read more)

Seminar by Ursula Ganz-Blättler