Social activities

On Wednesday afternoon - day 3 of the Summer institute - we're having a break from keynotes and seminars. You can either opt to join us for a museum visit to STAM - Ghent City Museum, or attend a 'walking workshop', exploring Ghent in an alternative way. Both activities will require a small contribution (€6).

STAM - Ghent City Museum

Since its opening in October 2010, the Ghent city museum (STAM) provides the perfect introduction to Ghent. The new museum gives a picture of the city in the past, present and future and leads visitors along a historical trail of objects and multimedia which trace the development and growth of Ghent. STAM is located on the historic Bijloke-site, in walking distance from the Summer Institute conference building. This former hospital site is gradually becoming a veritable campus for education and the arts, a verdant haven of culture close to the city centre. It is home not only to STAM, but also to numerous other cultural and educational organizations.

Disruptive CityLab - Alternative walk

Option two takes you on an alternative walk through Ghent. Artists Marie-Laure Delaby and Juan Ducque invite you to join them on a 'walking workshop' exploring different urban contexts (historical core, suburbs, industrial zones, social composition) and phenomena (urban voids, disconnected places, urban borders and limits). Leaving behind the historical city-centre, the guided tour feeds on a curiosity for non-conventional city areas, following original axes, city landmarks, infrastructures (communication, transportation systems)...

The 'walking workshop' is hosted by Disruptive CityLab, a Ghent-based collaborative platform for artistic research and intervention in the urban realm, focusing on peripheral and overlooked city areas and urban phenomena.